Eatapedia's Kill & Grill Driveway Bistro

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This weekend, Team Eatapedia wanted to test some new dishes and new recipes, so we did what any good BBQ Team would do: We threw a party! The weather was still cooperating (in that it wasn't snowing yet) so we hung out in the garage, and had a bunch of our friends over to help us test and eat all the food!


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Unfortunately, real life has kept me from doing much on the BBQs these past couple of weeks, so I have nothing BBQ-related to post about today.

Instead, I want to share with you a brief moment I had tonight in the parking lot of a local restaurant, one that has really made me pause and think.

Bacon. Peanut Butter. Maple Frosting. 'Nuff Said.

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A little while ago, my friend Angie posted a link on my Facebook wall that caught my eye. It was on the Pillsbury website, and it was for "Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies With Maple Frosting". It looked quite good, and my wife and I decided to try it! However, as soon as I read the ecipe, there was no way. "1 tube of pre-fab dough" "take vanilla frosting, add 1 tsp maple flavour". No, I don't think so.

My Employer, Rubs, My Nuts, All For Charity!

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(If I could provide a subtitle, it might be "The Importance of Punctuation".)

Every year, my main client/employer kicks off a huge fund-raising campaign for the United Way. It is a huge effort with all kinds of activities in all buildings, all over the place. My building is, among other things, hosting a Bake Sale tomorrow, and the organizers asked Paul and I if we wanted to provide anything for them to sell. Being the attention-loving fools we are, of course we said "yes!".

Feeding the Crew and Guests of "CTV Morning Live"

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The "CTV Morning Live" TV show here in Ottawa does a yearly "Live Where You Live" series on live TV broadcasts throughout the Ottawa region. This year, to represent Orleans (an Ottawa suburb), they returned to the location of our friends and biggest supporters, Romantic Fireplaces and BBQs.

Road Trip: DivaQ World Championship BBQ Fundraiser

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Last night, two thirds of Team Eatapedia had the great fortune to be able to support our friends, and attend DivaQ's World Championship BBQ Fundraiser at The Charlotte Room in downtown Toronto. Unfortunately, Mike Hynes could not get away from work, so Paul Firlotte and I hit the road early on Saturday.

My Mac & Cheese - Inspired by Famous Dave's

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Recently, I attended a work-related convention in Las Vegas, and this brought me to Famous Dave's Legendary BBQ restaurant for some BBQ. I broght some friends, and we all were fortunate enough to try Dave's grub. Brisket, ribs, cornbread, cole slaw. Oh man, was I ever stuffed when we left! One of those sides has been on my mind ever since.