Blue Mountain - 2012

Collingwood, Ontario is home to the Blue Mountain Ski Resort and host of a large competition that we really wanted to attend, given the success of the previous year. In 2011 it was HUGE. It was KCBS, the band Trooper was there and I heard nothing but good things.

This year, the venue was a little different. It was in a dusty parking lot and it was a CSBBQA event. There were a few challenges, including an overzealous Fire Marshall and a lack of power. Thankfully, we brought our generator and passed all inspections. The event itself was well organized and we had a lot of laughs with our friends. We also made some new ones, as this was the first time we got to compete against the McClay Brothers, whoa re very well-known in the Ontario circuit. Great guys.

The cook itself was one of our best, and we were really proud of the boxes we turned in. There was a Starbucks in the village, so we were able to relax in comfort and fuel up while we waited for the awards ceremony. We had some great calls and earned out first Reserve Grand Champion award at a Professional event!

1st Place Chicken
3rd Place Ribs
7th Place Pork
6th Place Brisket
2nd Place overall - Reserve Grand Champions