Boston Hills

Well, here we are: The Big Leagues. KCBS, the Kansas City BBQ Association. Our first competition in the United States. Land of BBQ. :-)

And what a great event to cut our teeth on, Boston Hills in Hamburg, New York, just outside of Buffalo. There were so many familiar Canadian teams there that we felt right at home immediately. Diva Q, Q'n Canucks, Can't Stop Grillin', Fatty MacBarbecue, Pork Ninjas...just like at home! Plus, we got to meet some brand nw friends. Friends that would bring us back to NY State another 13 times in the next year! This was our largest comp yet, with 43 very tough teams.

Our expectations were low, we just didn't want to come in last. That was it. So, imagine our surprise when we got 2 calls! Our first KCBS and we had 2 calls. Man, we were just beaming. In fact, all the Canadian teams did very well at this event, and it was with great pride that we were a part of the Canadian Invasion that year. :-)

8th Place Chicken
4th Place Pork
10th Place Overall