Crossborder Blues, Brews and Q's

Wilson is one of our favourite events. Usually happens during Father's Day weekend in June. Frank and Carol rank among the top organizers in NYS, in my books and always go the extra mile to look after the teams.

This year Darren Dejean and I went and we had a very solid cook. 1st Place Chicken, 11th Place Ribs, and 3rd Place Brisket in a field of 47 teams! We placed our highest yet in a KCBS event with a Reserve Grand Champion! We also won the Craft Beer Bet being the highest placing team in Brisket and won a trunk full of 6-packs of craft beers! But, we had to leave them there as I couldn't take all that beer back across the border. Still it was a nice treat to be able to gift all that beer to our friends who were staying overnight!

Our drive home was like walking on clouds, especially after being skunked in our previous comp!

Next Up: Lake Placid!