I Love BBQ Festival - 2012

Beautiful and historic Lake Placid for the "I Love BBQ and Music Festival". The site of two Winter Olympics and my absolute favourite competition. It's my favourite for a few reasons, but mostly because the organizer, Dimitry, works especially hard for all the competitors, and is a heckuva guy! The venue is absolutely beautiful, right on the Olympic speed skating oval. It was windy though. We lost one tent to the wind before we could even get it unfolded!

This was our second KCBS event, and we got to meet even more great teams we never knew before, such as The Buckner Brothers, Big Guns, Good Smoke and Smoke on Wheels. Great teams with a lot of history and experience behind them.

Again, our expectations were low, and our goal was the same as it usually is: Just. One. Call. We were lucky enough to catch two calls! And one was out very first KCBS FIRST PLACE call! Chicken. :-)

The great folks from BBQ TV were onsite and not only gave us a little interview, but hung out in our hot and pressure-riddled trailer during two box preps! I was so nervous that Karen Dove still teases me today about my brisket-slicing collapse! LOL!!


Interview @ 25:16
Pork Box @ 39:18
Brisket Box @ 43:22

I knew right away, we'd be back next year.

1st Place Chicken
4th Place Ribs
5th Place Overall