Podunk Pig Party

Our first American Competition of 2013 was in Springwater, NY at a first time event called the Podunk Pig Party. It was a smaller event but extrenely well-run, and we got to hang out with all our friends and have a ton of laughs.

We shared a wall with the Q'n Canucks, and Vicki Weaver and Firlotte were antagonizing each other the whole time...man, did I laugh! The weather was wet and muddy, the cell service was terrible, but it was a really fun event, all the way around!

Except for the Awards Ceremony. We got no calls. Diva Q who cooked solo, GC'ed! So happy for Danielle, she has been such a HUGE supporter of our team.

Technically, this made 3 events in a row where my 3 meats didn't get a single call and I was a little nervous. The second in a row with my new cooker, the Backwoods Competitor. But how can that be? It's an awesome cooker! So, it must be me. In this event I was able to sample a lot of foods from my competitors and was able to see where my food might need to be upped.

Calls: None. Not even a single Top 10 finish. Brutal.