Romantic Fireplaces BBQ Championships

Our third, and final, competition of the 2011 season was a private, Parking Lot competition held at a Romantic Fireplaces in Orleans. There were only 3 teams invited, us, Amberwood BBQ and Pistol Packin Piggies. It was a 2 meat event, just chicken and ribs. We were also serving BBQ appetizers to the crowds, so it was a very busy day for us.

The Organizer of the event dealt us a real swift blow almost immediately. "Guys, your chicken is too hot. It's winning too much and I think this gives you an unfair competitive advantage over the other teams. I want you to do a different style of chicken, don't use your usual technique". WHAT?! After all that practice, timing, tuning and winning, we had to change up our game completely. I was not happy and felt we were hamstrung, but we competed anyways.

In the end, we were beaten by the Pistol Packin Piggies and we took Reserve Grand Champion, 2nd Place. This marked our last appearance at this event.


1st Place Ribs
3rd Place Chicken
Reserve Grand Champion