Smoked to the Bone - 2010

This is where it all began. Our first ever competition.

In May of 2010, after practicing all winter long, Paul Firlotte, Carl Hurtubise and John Thomson, all assembled at the Gloucester Fair to participate in our first ever Amateur BBQ Competition at the "Smoked to the Bone" event. We rented a pickup truck to haul our gear, Carl borrowed a genny and we gave it our best.

It was an experience that ignited a passion for Competitive BBQ that none of us were expecting in such strong force. We only cooked ribs that day, but you know what? We cooked the best ones there and we won First Place!

Our prize was another Traeger L'il Tex (we upgraded form the Junior that was the original prize) and we were told that if we wanted to compete again, we'd have to go Pro next year. We didn't realize it at the time, but that was only a joke. It didn't matter, I was determined to go Pro for 2011.

Here is a little video of our win:

And some press from Ron Eade, the local paper (Ottawa Citizen)'s Food Blog:

The following year the Canadian Southern BBQ Association (sanctioning body for that competition) asked that we write up the story of our transition from Amateur to Professional, and have since posted it on their site here: I have received dozens of mails from people who read that and were inspired to try their own hands at competing. Of that, I am very proud. :-)

Calls Received:

1st Place Ribs
Amateur Grand Champions