Smoked to the Bone - 2012

And we're back. This year, we have a trailer! Also, we moved away from using all pellet cookers and moved into the world of Cooking With Charcoal. Best decision I've made yet, what a difference. I picked up a couple Weber Smoky Mountains from Capital Appliance and BBQs and I was so very happy with the results during the off-season...this was out first competition with them.

The weather was not very cooperative, we had very strong winds that threatened to take out tent down, and actually did steal one belonging to our neighbours!

The cook went well, and the results were better than the year before. No 1st Place calls, but at least we weren't second from bottom in 2 meats again! :-) This year we also participated in our first People's Choice Contest, where we sold portions of pork to the public, and they voted on their preferred sampling. We took second place there, and later found out that the winner was bribing votes by giving away free ribs! Hahahaha...all is fair in love and war, and we are big fans of the winners, Bustin' Loose. Earl and Rambo are great guys and we sure don't mind losing to them!


3rd Place Chicken (after a 2-way tie for 1st)
6th Place Ribs
4th Place Brisket
3rd Place Overall (Reserve Reserve Grand Champions)