Smokin Eagles - 2013

Smokin' Eagles in Tonawanda, NY is another one of those comps that I'd heard nothing but good things about. This year it went KCBS, and I added it to my schedule right away.

Held on a sectioned-off city street, this was a really fun event and very well run. It was also the first contest that I did alone. Well, I brought my 8 year old daughter, and she helped with water and other gopher tasks, but I really wanted to try one alone, and this was it. I was surrounded by friends like HeavyD, Smoking Boys & Hot Grills, Pistol Packin Piggies, Fatty Mac, Fumacious and many others, and I knew if I needed any help that they would be right there for me.

Another strong cook was the result, and we earned a couple of calls. Again, the Canadian Invasion struck and there were a LOT of Canadian teams called. Made us all very proud. :-)


10th Place Chicken
4th Place Ribs
5th Place Overall