Hot & Fast Drum Class – May 27

Join us for an afternoon where we cover off the hottest trend in BBQ:  Hot & Fast on a BBQ Drum!

Using the convection air flow of these drums, we will teach you all you need to know about lighting, cleaning, controlling your temperatures, feeding and cooking.

In the class we will cover the following dishes:

Smoked Ribs in 2 hours!  You’ve heard of people “hanging” their ribs?  This technique is a real Game Changer!  It’s how Team Eatapedia became the National Ribs Champions for Canada in 2017!

Reverse-Sear Rib Steaks.  These drums arent just smokers, they act as amazing grills too!  We will teach you how to grill the perfect Rib Steak using the Reverse-Sear Method that we use exclusively

Smoked & Grilled Chicken Thighs.  We will show you how to use a simple BBQ Rub and these drums to make the most juicy and flavourful chicken you’ve ever tasted.

Come hungry, there will be samples of all we cook!

Cost:  $125 + HST

Registration is opening soon, please sign up below to be notified when registration opens!