Maple Leaf Charcoal

MAPLE LEAF CHARCOAL INC. specializes in the conversion of forest biomass of kiln dried firewood, lump charcoal and briquets for BBQ’S which are 100% natural. Its proximity to large hardwood forests, combined with its long expertise in wood pyrolysis helps the company deliver exceptional quality products for over half a century.

While many owners of charcoal kilns ceased operations in North America in recent years due to new environmental requirements, the company innovated instead and further expanded its product range for BBQ, agriculture, animal nutrition and other specialty markets while significantly reducing its environmental footprint. The company is proud to offer its products without the addition of oil, clay nor any other chemical fillers. Only starch is used as a binder in briquets.

MAPLE LEAF CHARCOAL INC. relies on a broad network of partners and distributors to offer its products in Canada and the United States.

Team Eatapedia has won many trophies using the superior charcoal product from Maple Leaf Charcoal Inc. From Wings, Ribs, Burgers, Pizza to the best steak on the planet, it all starts with a trustworthy charcoal product. We are proud to represent Maple Leaf Charcoal in te backyard, at promotional events and on the competition circuit. Thank you, Maple Leaf Charcoal!


168 Rang Sainte-Anne Nord
Sainte-Christine d’Auvergne QC
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