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SKILL LEVEL:  Beginner – Novice.  You’ve tried grilling a couple of times and now  you want to really learn how to work with your grill and nail some dishes that will make you a Master of your Grill in no time!

In this class, we will arm you with the fundamentals of cooking with fire.  No judgement here, we all have to start somewhere and we want you to get a head start on mastering your cooker.  Whether you have a Gas Grill or a Weber Kettle or a Big Green Egg, what we teach you is portable across all cookers.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Basics of Fire Management
  • How much Charcoal should I be using?
  • Direct VS Indirect Grilling
  • Gas VS Wood Pellets VS Charcoal VS Wood
  • Matching Wood Flavours and Foods
  • Marinating VS Brining VS Injecting
  • Common Steak Cuts Compared
  • Common Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Over the course of the class, we will also teach you how to nail some BBQ dishes that you will impress with:

  • Juicy Burgers
  • Tender Steaks
  • Roast Chicken
  • BBQ Dessert

We start early, 8:30, but we will feed you Breakfast, Lunch and you get to sample all the Grilled creations we will be working with.  Come hungry and don’t fill up on the bread.

All classes held in association with Canada’s Largest BBQ School:  BBQClass.ca


Unlimited available
Eatapedia School of BBQ: Grilling For Beginners$200.00