Canada’s National BBQ Champions, Team Eatapedia, is now offering a variety of BBQ Classes, in association with Canada’s Largest BBQ School,

We have classes aimed at BBQ Beginners, Seasoned Backyarders and even Competition BBQers.

All of our classes are relaxed, conversational and very informative. Lunch and snacks are provided as well as gifts, recipes and samples! A great way to spend 5 hours.  Students always have a good time, eat well and can’t wait to get home and practice their new skills!

Steak Workshop – May 27th

In this beefy 3 hours, we are going to do steak 3 different ways, and share with your our recipes and techniques: Grilled Rib Steak with Herb and Garlic Compound Butter - We teach you the basics on cooking a perfect steak on any grill!  Finish it off with a [...]

Bacon Workshop – May 27th

This is a 3 hour session where we focus on the most succulent cut of the hog:  The Belly, and we do it 3 different ways: Homemade Bacon - We teach you all you need to know to go home and make the best bacon ever.  Covering technique, tools and [...]