Decarboxylating Cannabis With a Sous-Vide


Simple, fool-proof method to turn the THC-A in your cannabis into THC.  This is a necessary step when ingesting cannabis without smoking it.  There is lots of science ou there, Im not going to copy&paste it here.  This is simply my technique.

Number of Servings: 28 grams
Prep Time:  1

Cook Time:  90 Minutes

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  • 28 g of Cannabis flower
  • Vacuum-seal bag
  • Ziplock bag
  • Cutlery


  1. Breakup your bud by hand.  Dont grind it
  2. Vacuum-seal it, flat, in a bag
  3. In a large Ziplock bag, place 4 butter knives at the bottom, to weigh it down
  4. Place the vac bag in the Ziplock
  5. Submerge in a hot sous-vide (203 degrees)
  6. Wait 90 minutes


Vac-seal bag will inflate as decarbing releases gases

Decarbed cannabis will look like its been vaped, see the gallery.

Use within a week

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