Disneyesque Smoked Chicken


I’ve often read about people enjoying those Disney Turkey Legs, so I read up. Seems they are simply cured and smoked! This recipe is simple and straightforward but does use a Curing Agent, Prague Powder #1. Please read up on the Science of Curing by following this fantastic link to Amazing.Ribs.com. Doing this incorrectly can lead to illness or death. Please be safe and smart. Read up!

Number of Servings: 3 kg chicken pieces
Prep Time:  2

Cook Time:  16+ Hours

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  • 3 KG Chicken parts
  • 3 litres of ice cold water
  • 12 g Prague Powder #1
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup kosher salt


  1. Start with a litre of warm water, to ensure the salt, sugar and Prague Powder dissolve
  2. Mix that slurry into the cold water
  3. Add your chicken parts, making sure no pieces touch other pieces
  4. Into the fridge, covered for 3 days
  5. Out of the cure, pat dry with paper towel, then spray with Canola Oil
  6. Add some fresh cracked pepper to the chicken pieces.
  7. Smoke with a small amount of cherry wood, over 325-350 until 180 degrees internal


I used Chicken Legs but I really dislike the grizzle and tendons on legs, so I will use thighs next time.  Meat was sweet, hammy and delicious!!  Kids ate it up, which is nice.

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