OMFG Burgers


Number of Servings: 6 Burgers
Prep Time:  30 Minutes

Cook Time:  30 Minutes

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1 pound extra lean ground beef (buy a little less ground round than you normally would to feed who you’re feeding – essentially subtract the net weight of the pork sausage)
1 Pork Sausage (I buy Farm Boy Mild Italian – buy one sausage for each person you’re going to feed)
1 ground black pepper, fresh ( )
1 Sea Salt/Kosher salt (ground)
1 package mushrooms (sliced a bit thick for sauteing – Optional)
1 white onion (halved and sliced, then popped apart into half moons – Optional)


Slice the casing on the sausages and push the contents into a bowl.
Add in the ground round.
Add fresh ground black pepper and ground sea salt to taste.
Squish it all up with your hands so it’s evenly mixed up.
I form the meat into big meat nuticles to get them all the same size then flatten them out.
Put a dent in the top so they don’t puff up when they cook and end up rare in the middle.
Rub the grill surface with some oil (on paper towel with tongs).
Cook up the burgers till cooked through (juices run clear)…I use medium high heat – about 400 or so.
Don’t fart around with them too much when they’re on the grill. About 12 mins total will cook them through, evenly divided between the two sides.
Rotate them 90 degrees after 3 mins or so to get the nice grill marks on them.
Don’t squish them! For god sakes. That just purges the juices.

If you opt for the optional ingredients:

Heat up a frying pan, then drop in some oil, heat that up…
Pop in the white onions and cook them down till they are about 70% done/caramelized.
Now add the mushrooms, and give everything a good mix to coat the mushrooms with oil.
Resist the urge to play with the pan when the mushrooms are in there. You should “flip” them only a couple of time. If you play with them too much in the pan they won’t brown properly and they’ll be mooshy.
Try to time the finish of the options with the burgers.
Serve on top of the burgers and enjoy!


I was short on ground beef to make burgers for the fan-damily, and I had some sausage in the fridge (but no buns)…So due to poor planning I mixed everything up and threw it on the grill. Everyone said “OMFG” when they ate them. Hence…the OMFG burger.

Tonight we served them up with a big thick slice of pemeal bacon and a slice of fresh cheddar.

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