Salmon Candy


Number of Servings: 3 Pounds
Prep Time:  3 Hours

Cook Time:  6 Hours

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3 pound Salmon (sliced into strips/sall pieces)
2 cup pickling salt
1 cup honey
1 cup maple syrup
2 cup Brown sugar
1/2 cup molasses
6 cup water


1. Mix pickling salt, honey, maple syrop, brown sugar, molasses and water together.
2. slice salmon across the grain in 14 inch thick. Then remove skin.
3. place salmon slices in marinade for 18 – 24 hours.
4. remove salmon from brine and let stand for 30min.
5. place slices on smoker or dehydrator at 180 to 200 for 3-4 hours. Consistency should be sticky and chewy when you bite in.


This is a jerky type texture for salmon. It’s simply amazing.
* If your salmon turns dark, its o.k. its just the sugars caramelizing. I personally prefer the darker pieces as the sugars are the dominant taste.

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