Bacon bombs


Number of Servings: 45 Bombs
Prep Time:  7

Cook Time:  3 Hours

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25 slices of bacon (you get 2 bombs per slice of bacon)
3 Chicken thigh (skinned and deboned. (1 thigh will get you about 15 Bombs))
1 cup Pulled Pork (~1 TSP per bomb)
1/2 cup BBQ sauce (I used Ted Reader’s “Crazy Canuck” sauce, it was perfect)


1. Mix PP with your favourite sauce
2. On a small strip of bacon (I quarter a full slice, cutting along the X and Y axis of the slice), place a small piece of chicken meat (I use thigh pieces, pounded flat)
3. On that chicken, place a TSP of PP & sauce…. See More
4. Roll it up in that little strip of bacon.
5. Use another little strip to complete the ball.
6. Using your palms, form it into a nice ball.
7. Smoke it low and slow: 3.5 hours on “Smoke”.


These are FANTASTIC!!!! I get rave reviews and people really love them!
4 packs of bacon + 1 pound pulled pork + 2 chicken breasts + 1 cup of sauce = ~125 Bacon Bombs

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