Chicken Tacos


A little something I just threw together….

Number of Servings: 10 Tacos
Prep Time:  30 Minutes

Cook Time:  15 Minutes

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4 Chicken Breasts
2 Cups White Milk
2 TBS White Vinegar
1 TBS Garlic Powder
1 TBS Onion Powder
1 TBS Cumin
1 TBS Chili Powder
3 TSP Ground Coriander
500 ml Sour Cream, divided in half
3 TBS Taco Seasoning:
10 Flour Tortillas
5 leaves of Green Leaf Lettuce, halved
2 Tomatoes, diced to 1/4″ pieces
Shredded Cheese
1 TBS Ancho Paste


In a bowl, clabber the milk by adding the vinegar and stirring well.
Whisk in the Garlic, Onion, Cumin, Chilli powders and 1 TSP of the Coriander Powder
Slice the breasts up into 1/4″ thick strips and add to the milk mixture.
Marinate for 30 – 45 minutes

Mix 250 ml of sour cream with the Ancho Paste and 2 TSP of Coriander Powder and set aside

Fry up the chicken strips in 2 TBS of EVOO. When halfway done, add 3 TBS of Taco Seasoning.
Simmer till all the liquids are gone.

Wrap a tortilla shell in moist paper towel and microwave for 10 seconds to soften it up.

On the tortilla, spoon on some of the flavoured sour cream, add the hot meat and the cheese on top of the meat.
Add half a leave of lettuce and some unmodified sour cream and top with chopped tomatoes.



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