Number of Servings: 2 Liters
Prep Time:  30 Minutes

Cook Time:  16+ Hours

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20 lemons large (Costco or Farmboy are best bets)
750 milliliter Vodka (No need for good stuff)
750 milliliter 180 proof alcohol (95%)
750 milliliter Distilled water (do not use tap water)
4 cup white sugar


Wash lemons well and dry them, then completely zest them (avoid the white peel, this will make the drink bitter).
Add lemon zest to a one gallon jar (with tight fitting cover).
Add vodka and alcohol, cover tightly and store in a cool, dark place.
Gently shake every other day – continue process for 40 days.
Boil distilled water and add sugar to dissolve then let cool completely
Once cool add to lemon zest/alcohol mixture.
Return jar to cool dark place and gently shake up the jar every couple of days for another 40 days.
Have smaller bottles cleaned and dried, strain mixture to remove zest and bottle the product.
Keep in freezer so its cold and thick when you want to serve it.


Old lemon zest can be re-used in cakes, muffins, lemon bread, etc.
Val obtained this recipe from a tour bus driver in Italy who had his own lemon orchard in his back yard, he had some with him on the bus. Go figure.

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