Val’s Pasta Salad



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Cooking time


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  • 4 cup Rotini pasta

  • 8 tablespoon mayonnaise

  • 4 tablespoon coleslaw dressing

  • 3 tablespoon green relish or basil pesto (your choice)

  • 2 green onions sliced thin

  • 1 green bell pepper, diced small

  • 1 red bell pepper, diced small

  • 1 bunch of garlic chives, chopped

  • 3 garlic dill pickles, diced small

  • 1 dash Tony Chachere’s cajun seasoning, to taste

  • 1 dash Sea salt, to taste

  • 1 dash Fresh ground black pepper, to taste

  • 1 dash Italian seasoning, to taste


  • Boil water, add pasta, cook, drain, rinse with cold water. Fill pot with cold water and add pasta to cool it faster, then drain.
  • Toss pasta with either relish or pesto, coat evenly. Add mayo and coleslaw dressing, mix thoroughly and add more of either to suit if needed.
  • Mix in sliced and diced vegetables, mix thoroughly. Add spiced and again mix thoroughly.


  • Val the Impaler is notorious for NOT sharing recipes, and making things on the fly, and even making things up as she goes along. The recipe shown above is an approximation of one of her pasta salads, so feel free to play around with amounts and ingredients to suit your taste and/or needs. Can be garnished with tiny tim tomatoes, thinly sliced hard boiled eggs, assorted greenery, etc.